Guinea - Website publishes all contracts to strengthen governance of the mining sector

Mis à jour Feb 15 2013

On 15th February, the Technical Committee in charge of reviewing mining titles and contracts ("Comité Technique de Revue des Titres et Conventions Miniers," CTRTCM) announced the official launch of its website

This website’s purpose is to inform Guinea’s citizens, the investor community and all of Guinea’s partners about the review process, and to publish outcomes of the review as they are achieved, in the context of transparency and accountability.

The website includes an "About" section, providing users with basic information on the CTRTCM, its composition and administration, as well as a "News" section, to monitor the review process.

In accordance the with Government of Guinea’s commitments, provisions of the new Mining Code and the committee’s mandate, the website’s most important feature is providing an easy access to all existing mining conventions, amendments or other related legal document. To make this as straightforward as possible, a section "Search" allows users to access all documents published through a simple search by category, by project or by keyword.

"The launch of is a major step in creating the transparency we are seeking to develop in Guinea’s mining sector," said Nava Touré, President of the Technical Committee for the Review of Mining Titles and Conventions (CTRTCM), "the public access to mining agreements allows everyone to understand the current situation, assess the work of the committee and contribute to the review process."

"The website is the result of months of work, the outcome of a fruitful collaboration between the Government of the Republic of Guinea, mining companies, Guinean and international civil society organizations, with the support of the World Bank Institute and the Revenue Watch Institute. This is an important step in the effective implementation of transparency in the management of Guinea’s mineral resources," said Mamadou Taran Diallo, a member of CTRTCM and President of the National Coalition Publish What You Pay Guinea.

The press conference where the launch of the website was announced was chaired by H.E. Mr. Mohamed Lamine Fofana, Minister of Mines and Geology, President of the Strategic Review Committee, who confirmed "the strong commitment of the President of Guinea, of the Strategic Committee and of the whole Government to a systematic and transparent review of mining contracts, to the benefits of all stakeholders and to increase mining sector governance."

Several of Guinea’s Development Partners, as a sign of their interest in and support to a transparent and honest review of all mining agreements, were present at the launch. Among them were M. Anthony Ohemeng Boamah, Coordinator of the United Nations bodies in Guinea, Mr. Cheikh Fantamadi Kanté, Representative of the World Bank and M. Abdoul Aziz Wann, IMF’s Resident Representative.

This statement is also available in French.

Notes for editors:

The Republic of Guinea, through its legislative body, the National Transition Council, adopted a new Mining Code in September 2011.

On 20th January 2012, the Government of Guinea, led by President Alpha Condé, announced a process of systematic review of all existing mining contracts, detailed in terms of reference based on international best practice and answering the demand of Guinea’s mining partners for a “one-stop-shop,” a single entity with powers to represent all ministries involved.

This entity is the Technical Committee for the Review of Mining Titles and Conventions ("Comité Technique de Revue des Titres et Conventions Miniers," CTRTCM). The CTRTCM, on the one hand, examines whether the agreements are in conformity with the laws and regulations in force at the time of their signature and balanced in protecting the interests of all parties and, on the other hand, ensures, in agreement with mining companies, that the principles of the new Mining Code adopted in September 2011 are reflected in the reviewed conventions. The procedure for the analysis of Titles / Conventions is neutral, clear and accurate, and described in the Terms of Reference of the Review process.

Recommendations of the Technical Committee shall be submitted to the Strategic Committee, consisting of four government ministers, for final decision. These decisions can lead to the renegotiation of some provisions of an existing mining agreement or to the cancellation of titles or agreements that have been obtained improperly. Members of the Strategic Committee are Ministers in charge of:

• Mines and Geology;
• Economy and Finance;
• Justice;
• Public Works and Transport.

Mandates and tasks of the Technical Committee and the Strategic Committee are governed by two decrees creating the National Mining Commission and implementing a review of mining titles and conventions.

Contact the Comité Technique de Revue des Titres et Conventions Miniers (CTRTCM):
Comité Technique de Revue des Titres et Conventions Miniers (CTRTCM)
Villa 26, Cité des Nations, Kaloum, Conakry
Téléphone: +224 63 92 12 12

Conakry le 15 février 2013